Agromet Bulletins

Agrometeorological Bulletin No.1, Dekad 1, January (1 –10) 2016

There was no rainfall recorded in the 1st dekad of January in the country, soil moisture condition in the country was in deficit. ITD position continued to fluctuate between 50N to 60N. Mean maximum temperature anomaly showed the Northern part to be normal to colder than normal while the South was warmer than normal....

Agrometeorological Bulletin No.36, Dekad 3, December (21 –31) 2015.

Dry season farming continue in the north with the harvest of fresh vegetables. The colder than normal temperatures recorded in the north is very good for wheat production and other vegetables. Rainfall was not recorded in the country during the 3rd dekad. The Inter Tropical Discontinuity (ITD) has commence its Northward movement and is likely to fluctuate between latitudes 4degN and 4.5degN....

Agrometeorological Bulletin No.28, Dekad 1, October (1 –10) 2015

The 1st dekad of October, 2015 shows that the northern states recorded normal to above normal rainfall anomalies except the northwest states of Sokoto and Zamfara recorded deficit rainfall anomalies. The southwestern states recorded normal to above normal rainfall except Shaki, Isheyin and Akure that had deficit. The southeastern states recorded normal to below normal anomalies.

Agrometeorological Bulletin No.27, Dekad 3, September (21 –30) 2015.

The 3rd dekad of September, 2015 shows that the northwest and central states recorded deficit rainfall anomalies except Yelwa, Kano and Zaria that recorded surplus. The northeast recorded normal to deficit except Bauchi, Maiduguri and Yola that recorded surplus rainfall. The south recorded normal to surplus rainfall. A good spread of rainfall was recorded over the country except the north that are beginning to record less raindays an indication of rainfall cessation....

Agrometeorological Bulletin No.26, Dekad 2, September (11 –20) 2015

The 2ND dekad of September, 2015 indicates that the northeast and central states recorded surplus rainfall anomalies while the northwest recorded normal to deficit. The south recorded deficit rainfall except places in and around Enugu, Awka, shaki, Abakaliki and Ekiti that recorded normal to surplus rainfall....

Agrometeorological Bulletin No.24, Dekad 3, AUGUST (21 –31) 2015

The rainfall anomaly over the country for the 3rd dekad of August, 2015 shows a recovery from the persistent rainfall deficit in the southwest. The north recorded normal to surplus rainfall except Sokoto, Gusau, Kaduna, Abuja and Gombe that recorded deficit. A good spread of rainfall was recorded over the country except Sokoto and its environment The Inter Tropical Discontinuity (ITD) has commence its equatorward movement and is likely to fluctuate between latitudes 16degN and 19degN.