Mr. Joseph Ejike Alozie was born on 14th June 1958. He obtained his first degree in physics from the university of Nigeria Nsukka and M.Sc Physics (Met) from the University of Ibadan, Ibadan. He joined the former Department of Meteorological Services as a meteorologist II in August 1983. He progressed to the position of General Manager/Climate Services in January, 2009.

 Mr. Alozie has attended several courses and workshops. which includes; training workshop on the use of wind for determination of runway orientation for an airport, August 2009 in Florida, USA; Reduction strategies for Global Warming Effects, OMEGA Centre, Nelspruit, South Africa, December 2011; Advance Forecasting Training, Toulouse France, June 2012; Seasonal rainfall Prediction training workshop for capacity building, Abuja, 2012; he also attended the Air Pollution Control training at the Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki, Finland, March 2013.

 Mr. Alozie is the 1st Vice President, Nigerian Meteorological Society (NMets), and also a fellow and member of the Institute of Corporate Administration of Nigeria (FCAI). Mr. Alozie is the General Manager/climate Services and also overseeing the Department of Applied Meteorological Services (DAMS).He is happily married with children.