Drought And Flood Monitor Bulletin

Drought and Flood Monitoring Bulletin, NOVEMBER 2016.

This month Drought and Flood Monitoring Bulletin(DFMB) has been prepared using the WMO recommended Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI) technique. Dry season has fully established in most parts of the country with associated dust haze; though few places within the inlands of the south had rains, especially, Enugu State, where a moderate wetter than normal condition caused damage on parts of infrastructure in the Akanu Ibiam International Airport.

Drought and Flood Monitoring Bulletin,SEPTEMBER 2016.

The Drought and Flood Monitoring Bulletin for September,2016 has been prepared using the
Standardized Precipitation Index(SPI) format,the WMO recommended approach.The multifaceted
rainfall trend across the country is shown by the1-month (September, 2016),3-month (July-September,2016),6-month(April-September,2016) and 12-month(October,2015 September,2016) time scales


July 2016 edition of Drought and Flood Monitoring Bulletin is prepared using the Standardized
Precipitation Index (SPI) technique. Presented respectively are: the 1-month (i.e. July, 2016), 3-month
(May-July, 2016), 6-month (February-July, 2016) and 12-month (August, 2015 - July, 2016) maps. These
maps show rainfall variations in the form of degrees of wetness and dryness across the country during
the periods under review. The bulletin assists in monitoring of prospects of flood incidents as well as the
challenges of lack of water for various needs.