1st Dekad Oct. 2021


During the first dekad of October, 2021, there was a decline in rainfall amount in the country when compared with the third dekad of September. The soil moisture was in deficit over the north and parts of the central states, while normal to above normal soil moisture was observed in the southern parts except Ekiti, Ondo and parts of Anambra state. The mean maximum temperature ranging from (28.0°C) over Akwa Ibom state to (37.3°C) in Sokoto State was recorded in the dekad under review. Most places across the country experienced a slight increase in temperature. As we approach hotter days, the heat index is expected to increase which may likely result in stress condition in animals. Sokoto and Katsina are already in the end of season with Jigawa, Kano and Yobe expected to follow in the next dekad. Additional information on the end of the planting season for other parts of the country can be obtained from the NiMet Seasonal Climate Prediction (SCP)