1st Dekad Sept 2021


 The first dekad of the Agrometeorological variables for September 2021 is presented in this edition. Rainfall amount increased across the country with higher amounts reported over the southern states. Highest observed rainfall was recorded in Delta state with a total of 390.7mm. Surplus soil moisture capable of supporting adequate plant growth was observed across the country during the period. There was a decrease in day-time temperature especially over the extreme north and central states. Average day-time temperature ranged from 26.2°C over Plateau state to 32.7°C over Yobe State. Normal-to-below normal temperature anomaly were reported in the north-west, parts of the central states and the south- east coast while other places were warmer-than-normal. The entire country is still under the influence of moist south westerly winds, as such more rainfall is expected in the second dekad of September. Harvesting of maize, vegetables, groundnut, root, and tuber crops is generally ongoing across the central and southern states.

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