3rd Dekad Sept 2021


In the third Dekad (21- 30) of September 2021, the Inter Tropical Discontinuity (ITD) was still above the country, with rainfall activities observed in different parts of the country in varying proportion. Highest cumulative rainfall was over Nasarawa state(222.7mm) in 5 rain days. Surplus soil moisture was observed over the eastern half of the country while the western half was in deficit. Maximum temperature increased during the period between 27.1°C. and 35.1°C across the country. Predominantly normal temperature persisted during the period except Borno, parts of Katsina state and the south east coast were below normal temperatures were observed. In contrast, the south west reported above normal temperatures including parts of Benue state. The ITD is expected to have a southward retreat although most parts of the country should still be under the influence of moist south westerly winds. Temperatures are expected to increase across the country. The extreme north can start preparations for alternative sources of water. As with the second dekad, established crops include cereals, root and tubers amongst others. The most commonly harvested crops across the central and northern states include maize, vegetables, root and tuber crops.

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