Agricultural Meteorology

Our Work

NiMet provides weather and climate services to farmers, herders, and fishermen to promote sustainable agricultural development, increase productivity and contribute to food security in Nigeria.

Our products and services, help foster better understanding by farmers and other end-users in the agricultural, forestry and related sectors of the value and use of meteorological and climatological information in planning and operational activities. 

Some of the benefits of our Agromet services include meeting the needs of farmers, herders and fishermen to:

  • Develop sustainable agricultural systems
  • Improve production and quality
  • Reduce losses and risks
  • Decrease costs
  • Increase efficiency in the use of water
  • Conserve natural resources
  • Decrease pollution from chemicals that contribute to the degradation of the environment

What We Offer

Agromet Dekadal Bulletin©

This bulletin is a product is issued every dekad (10-day period). The bulletin is produced to help farming communities and other agro-allied ventures build resilience against climate and weather vagaries through the provision of past and present weather information as well as weather events and their associated impacts on agriculture. It also gives an outlook/forecast of the expected weather in the coming dekad in other to equip farmers with weather information to serve as a basis for planning adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Crop Weather Calendar (CWC) ©

This is a tool that provides timely information about seeds to promote local crop production. It contains information on best planting dates based on our Seasonal Climate Prediction (SCP), harvesting periods of locally adapted crop varieties in specific agro-ecological zones.

Seasonal Climate Prediction (SCP)©

This is Flagship Production of the Agency and it is published annually usually within the first quarter of the year. The Seasonal Climate Prediction (SCP) are statements about the probability of occurrence of stated onset, cessation, length of season, wetter – than, normal, or drier – than normal or average long-term conditions over a given period

 These statements or predictions are based on the statistics of probability of good correlation of our rainfall and temperature pattern with sea surface temperature anomalies over the Tropical Pacific

AgroMet Early Warning System ©

  • This product is developed to provide a leeway to avert weather related issues as it affects agriculture. It contains past. Present and future weather events as well as advisory services to farmers.
  • It contains information on soil moisture index, growing degree days, rainfall amount, temperature and synoptic features amongst others.