Agromet Bulletins

Agrometeorological Bulletin No.6, Dekad 3, February (21 –28) 2015.

The dekad under review that is 3rd dekad of February indicated that a many stations in the South and some central states have recorded rain and the ITD continue to oscillate between latitude 8 0N to 9.50N. Soil moisture condition in the country was deficit except in part of South and central parts which had neutral to surplus conditions.

Agrometeorological Bulletin No.34, Dekad 1, December (1 –10) 2014.

There was no station that recorded above 20mm of rainfall in the country in the 1st dekad of December except Eket which had 116.1mm of rain. Soil moisture conditions in most parts of the country were deficit, except the extreme coastal parts which had neutral to surplus soil moisture conditions....

Agrometeorological Bulletin No.33, Dekad 3, November (21 –30) 2014.

The 3rd dekad of November revealed that only six stations in the South recorded rains, further indicating the end of rainy season across over the country. The position of Inter Tropical Discontinuity (ITD) further moved southerly as it oscillated between latitude 6.50N and 70N. Eket station recorded the highest rainfall amount of 77.9mm in 5 rain-days....