Climate and Health Bulletin Nov 2021


The highlights of the bulletin for the month of November are as follows:

(1) There is 80% chance of normal rainfall over the north, central region and inland cities of the south west except Ado Ekiti where there is a 50% probability of below normal rainfall condition.

 (2) Some coastal cities have 40% chance of above normal rainfall.

 (3) Based on the rainfall prediction for November, there is a probability of further decrease in cholera outbreak over most parts of the country.

(4) Maximum temperature values are anticipated to be in the range of 280C to 370C in most parts of the country.

(5) Moderate vigilance for cholera is expected for the coastal cities with Low vigilance over other parts of the country.

 (6) High vigilance for meningitis is expected over Borno and parts of Yobe states and moderate vigilance for Jigawa, Gombe, Adamawa and parts of Bauchi.

(7) Based on climatic indices, malaria parasites are expected to persist across the country. (8) Predicted climatic conditions (Temperatures and Relative Humidity) for November are likely to cause deterioration in the shelf life of medicines. Therefore, high vigilance for instability of medicines are expected over parts of the central region down to the coast.

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