Climate and Health Sept 2021


 The highlights of the bulletin for the month of October are as follows:

(1) 60% chance of normal rainfall over the north and some of the southern parts of the country.

(2) Below normal rainfall is expected over the central and most parts of the south western region of the country with 50% chance of occurrence.

(3) Few cities in the south are predicted to have 60% chance of above normal rainfall

 (4) Based on the rainfall prediction for October, there is a likelihood of decrease in cholera outbreak over most parts of the country.

(5) Moderate vigilance of cholera is recommended for most parts of the country, however areas around Imo, Delta and Abia states should maintain high vigilance.

(6) Maximum temperature values are anticipated to be less than 300C over Lagos, Oyo, Ondo, Kwara and parts of Jos in October. Other states are expected to experience maximum temperatures above 300C with the highest temperature values projected to be experienced in Yobe state at 370C and the least in Plateau state at 270C.

(7) Based on climatic indices, malaria parasites are expected to persist across the country.

(8) High watch for possible instability of medicines based on climatic variables is required for the central region, the coast and parts of the northern region

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