Climate Information

Nigeria is characterized by three distinct climatic zones, a tropical monsoon climate found in the southern part of the country with an average annual rainfall amount of about 2000 mm and above for the coastal region and less for the inland states, mean day, and a night-time temperature of about 310C and 230C respectively. 

Progressing northward is a tropical savannah climate for most of the central regions with an average annual rainfall ≥ 1200 mm, day, and night temperatures of about 330C and about 220C respectively, Over the north, a Sahelian hot and semi-arid climate is experienced with mean

daytime temperatures of about 350C or more and a nighttime temperature of about 210C, and an average annual rainfall amount below 700 mm.

Suffice it to add that a gradient of decreasing rainfall amounts from south to north is experienced in the country.

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