Moist Southwesterly winds blowing from the Atlantic Ocean have remained active and their position have stayed unchanged within the past 48hours; for today, they have largely remained at Lat. 09.9oN in the Western sector and Lat. 09.7oN to the Eastern sector respectively, within Nigeria. The Subtropical anticyclone (also known as Azores high pressure cell over the African continent) located in the Northern Hemisphere remained active. The orientation of the Azores high pressure cell does not allow the intrusion of cold winds from the mid-latitude that could have dampen the high temperatures currently being experienced in the Sahel and environs. Fresh dust incidents with visibility of 1000m have been reported in a few places in Niger republic, however, dust haze in fine visibilities affected most places in Niger republic and Northern Nigeria.

The satellite imagery of today at 1500GMT shows pockets of convective cell developing over areas in Mambilla plateau, in the Southwest and South-South states.

OUTLOOK (25.11.2016)

Sunny, while dust haze in fine visibility will continue to affect the Northern states, however, localized daytime visibility of 4000m in dust will affect some places. Sunny, hazy and fair to partly cloudy conditions will affect areas in the Central states in good visibility; however, localized daytime visibility of 6000m in dust are expected in some places. The Southern parts will be partly cloudy to cloudy in misty morning; while thunderstorms are expected to affect places in the Southwest and the Coastal states during the afternoon/evening periods.