This Directorate is responsible for the long term weather management and plans as well as the training and retraining of the manpower resources for the Agency. The Directorate is made up of two divisions – Research and Training divisions.

Vision Statement: 

To be active partaker in ensuring that the set goals of the Agency vis-à-vis the provision of world standard Weather prediction and service for sustainable national socio-economic development for safety of life and property are achieved.

Mission Statement: 

To provide a long term weather management and plans as well designing courses to boost the manpower resources of the Agency at various levels.

Customer Details: 

  • Agriculturists/farmers.
  • Energy Institutions, e.g. PHCN (for hydro- power generator).
  • Water Resources (for hydrological forecasting and flash flood warning).
  • River Basin Authorities (for River Basin Management).
  • Policy makers in government.
  • Industries.
  • Research Centres.
  • The General Public.
  • World Ozone Data Centre in Canada.
  • Various World Data Centres for Atmospheric Constituents (Greenhouse Gases, CFCs, Radiations, etc).
  • Universities.
  • Research Institutes.
  • State and National Libraries.
  • Federal and State Ministries.
  • NIMET.
  • Armed Forces (especially Air Force),
  • State Ministries of Agriculture.
  • Countries within ECOWAS Sub-Region.
  • Oil Companies e.g. Mobil Nig., Chevron Nig. Ltd.
  • Airline Representatives.
  • Air Traffic Controllers.
  • Airline Executives.
  • Pilots.
  • Aerodrome Engineers.
  • Extension Farmers/Workers.
  • Federal Office of Statistics.
  • Ministry of Water Resources.
  • ADP. Power Holding Company of Nigeria.
  • Oil Exploring Industries.
  • Soil Engineers.
  • Urban Designers.
  • Tourists.
  • Insurance Firms.
  • Firms of Civil and Structural Engineers.
  • Shipping Industries Oil Industries.
  • Fishing Industries.
  • Military.
  • Coastal Engineering/Construction Workers.
  • Mass Media.
  • Students from Universities and other tertiary Institutions.