NiMet Harps on Forecast Feedback

The DG /CEO NiMet Prof. Mansur Bako Matazu has reiterated the importance of getting feedbacks on the forecast issued. Prof. Matazu disclosed this during his welcome address at the opening ceremony of the 2022 Edition of the workshop on Agro-Hydo-Climatic characteristics of the major rainy season in the Sudan and Sahel countries (West Africa sub-region including Mauritania and Chad) PRESA-SS

Represented by the Director of Weather Forecasting Services, Engr Mailadi Yusuf, Prof. Matazu said “Many times we don’t bother about what happens at the end of the cycle of our predictions. We solely rely on the same scientific methods we employ in developing the forecasts to evaluate their accuracy.” Prof. Matazu further stressed that it is important that a framework is developed that can be deployed to independently monitor the forecasts and report back in order to assess the accuracy.

Earlier in his opening remarks the Head, Department of Research and Information, at the Centre for Agricultural and Hydrological Meteorology, AGRHYMET, in Niamey, Niger Republic, Dr. Abdou Ali, disclosed that many actors are waiting for the outcome of this Forum to plan their activities.

Dr. Ali stressed that the workshop is important because it is “where we are going to do the co-production and expect commitment of all the participants”. He assured that with the cooperation of the department of AGRHYMET they will do their best to strengthen the commitment. On behalf of its partners, Dr Ali then recognised and thanked NiMet for its commitment to the association.

The objective of the workshop is to strengthen the capacity of National Meteorological and Hydrological Services NMHSs, through the co-production of agro-hydro-climatic forecasts for enhance productivity, sustainable development and disaster risk reduction.

It also aims to strengthen the capacity of participants on the techniques of analysis and characterization of Agro-Hydro-Climatic risks related to the main rainy season for the Sudan and Sahel regions.

Regional Forum on Seasonal Forecasting of Agro-Hydro-Climatic Characteristics of the rainy season for the Sudan -Sahel zone


Participants begin collation and harmonisation of results i.e Hydrology, Agromet and Climatology. Findings will be made public at the closing ceremony on Monday 25th April 2022.

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