Hydrological Meteorology

Our Work

Our Hydrometeorology unit is under the Directorate, Applied Meteorological Services. We provide advisories to the Marine and Maritime, Water Resources, Disaster Management, Oil and Gas, Building and Construction, Agriculture and Environment sectors in Nigeria. 

Some of the functions of the Unit Includes:  

  • Design of Hydrometric/Hydrometeorological Stations 
  • Collection, Archiving, Processing and Analysis of Rainfall Data
  • Processing Rainfall Intensity Duration Frequency Curve (IDF)
  • Carrying out studies in collaboration with stakeholders on weather-related issues i.e. Flood, Drought and Desertification
  • Publications of Flood and Drought and Hydrometeorological Bulletins 
  • Promoting the studies of Hydrometeorological Studies with research Institutes.
  • Contribution of Hydrometeorological for climate studies to other relevant Ministries, Department and Agencies (MDA)
  • Organising training programmes for newly recruited meteorologist 



What We offer

Our Products includes:

  • Intensity Duration Frequency Curves (IDF)
  • Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP)
  • Area Rainfall 
  • Evaporation and Evapotranspiration 
  • Extreme falls (Maximum Rainfall)
  • Rainfall Data (from non-synoptic stations)
  • Soil moisture modelling 
  • Low flow (Drought)