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2023 State of the Climate

The State of the Climate in Nigeria (SoCN) document provides a timely update on the climate trends and extremes across Nigeria. It is the result of the analyses of observed data collected by NiMet from Meteorological stations across the country.

The SoCN publication is a tool for raising awareness about the pressing issues related to climate change and encourages the implementation of innovative and sustainable solutions. Through knowledge sharing and capacity building, communities can be empowered to adapt to the challenges of a changing climate, while also fostering a sense of collective responsibility for environmental conservation.

It is an authoritative reference document for policymakers, planners, researchers and citizens for informed, sound decision-making. Information on the extreme weather events that occurred in the country in the preceding year can also spur appropriate adaptation actions that will reduce the vulnerability of individuals and communities to future weather hazards. Climate change is real, and its impacts are already here with us. Timely adaptation and mitigation actions are therefore critical.

Some of the highlights of the 2023 SoCN include:

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