Applied Meteorological Services

Functions of Applied Meteorological Services

  1. To establish, expand and upgrade Agrometeorological, Hydrometeorological and marine meteorological stations network in the country
  2. To monitor the weather at the respective stations and prepare the necessary Applied Meteorological Information Services (AMIS) products
  3. To disseminate the products and services as well as issue relevant forecasts and Early Warning Services (EWS)
  4. To carry out research on the impacts of weather and climate on the various application areas such as agriculture and food security, health, disaster management, water resources management, marine environment monitoring etc.
  5. To collaborate and liaise with the respective agro, hydro and marine-allied industries and the academia on emerging weather-related issues
  6. To manage the data of the Agency through collation, storage, processing, archival and dissemination to stakeholders in a sustainable manner and to aid scientific research
  7. To provide information in aid of climate impact assessment and development of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies

Units under Applied Meteorological Services

  • Climate Services
  • AgroMet
  • Data Management Unit (DMU)
  • HydroMet
  • Marine Met
  • GIS

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