Corporate Services

Functions of Corporate Services

  1. Submission of Procurement Plan of the Agency prepared by the Procurement Planning Committee (PPC) to Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP) via National Open Contracting Portal (NOCOPO).
  2. Handling of all BPP related matters e.g., Preparing documentations for BPP) approval; on complaints for submission to BPP and preparing all data and information required by BPP
  3. Handling of all other Procurement related activities such as:
    • Preparation of tender notifications and request for expressions of interest, Preparation and submission to advertising media; and issuing the documents for: soliciting quotations, prequalification, bidding, and request for proposals.
    • Submission of evaluation reports to the Tenders' Board for: prequalification, bids, quotations, and consultants for proposals, for approval.
    • Making contract negotiations; and arrangement for contract signing by the Accounting Officer.
  4. Design a project implementation action sheet / plan with clearly defined activities, responsibilities and delivery timelines
  5. Ensure that each project is delivered to world Class standards with zero-time and zero-cost overruns and in 100% compliance with the project scope.
  6. Prepare needs assessment and evaluation for the Agency
  7. Preparation of the Development Plans (Medium and Perspectives) for the Agency which are fed into the National Rolling Plan
  8. Design Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the activities of the Agency
  9. Produce Monitoring and Evaluation Tools and formats for use by the Agency
  10. Institutionalize the production of monthly, quarterly projects performance reports and documentary.
  11. Collect, collate, analyse, store, and retrieve data and statistics relevant to the duties and arising from intervention of the Agency for general guidance / decision making.

Units under Corporate Services


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